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OEA Grant Awards Now Available

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Administered by the Maine Department of Community and Economic Development (DECD) and Maine International Trade Center (MITC), the objective of the OEA Grant is to support Maine companies to diversify and grow both within and outside of the defense industry.

Eligible defense companies seeking to diversify may receive financial support for:

  • Market Research and Diversification Assistance

  • Compliance and Certification Assistance

  • Trainings and Industry Events

Eligible businesses may receive reimbursements totaling up to $14,000 per year through this program for costs of outside services associated with these activities.

For information on the activities and projects covered, company eligibility, and requirements for application and reimbursement, please review the OEA Grant Guidelines. First-time applicants are required to complete the OEA Grant Self Certification Form.

If you have questions, please contact Defense Industry Maine Director Tom Conley at (207) 553-7708.

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