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Maine exports $29,459,634 worth of defense articles in 2018

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

In 2018, Maine exported $29,459,634 worth of defense products to many different countries around the world. The top products were parts and accessories of military weapons, gas turbines, and turbo-propeller parts. The top countries importing these products were Singapore, South Korea, and Belgium.

For more information about Maine’s defense exports, see our 2018 Regional Defense Export Guide.

Note about the data used in this article: In the 2016 Defense Markets Report, the International Trade Administration (ITA) identified all of the HS codes that are associated with defense exports; the HS codes they identified are 10-digit HS codes. The trade data used in this report are based on 6-digit HS classifications of the ITA codes because WISERTrade only includes the 6-digit level of trade specificity. Therefore, some of the trade data may be overestimated due to the inclusion of exports that are characterized by the 6-digit HS codes but not the 10-digit codes.

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